The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf Monterey, Ca.


The Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf

This website is dedicated to

Antonio Francisco Lucido

The Godfather of Fishermans Wharf

aka "Anthony Lucido"

Pronounced : "Lew-Shoe-Doe"

the Godfather of Fisherman's Wharf

in Monterey, California. 

Monterey Old Fishermans Wharf

He has spent his entire life

in Monterey since his birth in 1943.

He has been working on the wharf

since 1958 when he started his first job

washing dishes at Rappas.

His father is

Frank Anthony Lucido

and his mother is

Roseann "Compano" Lucido.

His mother was born in Monterey, Ca.

Roseann Lucido, Frank Anthony Lucido, Brother, Anthony Lucido

Left to right - Mom, Dad, Brother, Anthony

Both sets of his Grandparents hail from

San Vito, Sicily.

Nonno Antonio Fransisco Lucido

Nonna Mary Torentino


Nonno Sebastian

Nonna Compano


This website will continue to grow and develop

as the interviews with the Godfather progress

over the next few months, all leading to the

culmination of his biography.


Legal Notice

All of the stories told by Mr. Lucido

both in written form, and on video,

are copyright protected.

None of the information

on this site may be distributed without

the express written consent of

Author Joe Holt and Anthony Lucido.


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